Unconditional Happiness

Picture a happiness that stays steady no matter how life goes up and down.

It’s not about people, situations, or things—it’s about how we PERCEIVE them.
Our thoughts and emotions are influenced by this viewpoint.
Unhappiness can only arise as long as we perceive happiness to be outside of us.
Join this exploration as we shed light on the genuine source of lasting happiness within ourselves.

Reading Guide to Unconditional Happiness:
Essential Articles to Understand Before Proceeding

The pursuit of unconditional happiness.

Unconditional Happiness: The Pursuit Beyond External Factors

In the pursuit of happiness, we find ourselves longing for a state of complete bliss and inner peace. We long for happiness that remains unscathed by the ebb and flow of external events. But here’s the dilemma:
Our happiness tends to be contingent upon external factors. And it’s exactly that conditional happiness that blocks the happiness that we’re truly after; unconditional happiness.

Unconditional happiness has two prerequisites

The 2 MUST-HAVES for Unconditional Happiness

Every single word within these articles shares a common goal: to foster a profound realization of the inner workings of your mind.
This realization will bring about remarkable changes in your thoughts and emotions, surpassing what you once thought possible.

However, to attain this realization, creating the right environment is crucial.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Conditional Happiness

To be unconditionally happy, you first have to start realizing where happiness is NOT: in the outside world.
Conditional happiness is rooted, either directly or indirectly, in external inputs from the outside world.
In this section, we’ll look more deeply at why it can’t bring true, unconditional happiness.
However, I advise you to absorb the above articles before moving on to this section.

This is a complex topic we can’t cover in one article, so we’ll explore it from different angles. Please be patient as this section undergoes development, and try to apply the exercises to your own life, as that is going to make the biggest difference.

The Illusion of Beauty
Pleasure and Vexation

The Illusion of Beauty

I used to be a nature lover and traveled everywhere to find beautiful places. It’s like I could never get enough, always wanting to discover new spots and soak in their beauty. But you know what? There was something I didn’t get – I was fooling myself that such a thing could ever be truly satisfying.