If you wish to support me, that’s great. I’m sincerely grateful for that and I will use it wisely in order to continue growing this site and spread awareness in whatever way I can so that more and more people can become truly happy.

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However, whether you choose to support me or not, I hope that you can do yourself this one favor …

When you go about your day, try and find as many opportunities to support the people around you.
Whether it’s offering someone a coffee or simply cleaning up their empty cup. It could be making breakfast for your spouse or family, or assisting them in getting ready for the day. Perhaps it’s as simple as sharing a smile with someone who could really use it. You might even consider picking up litter along your path, even if it wasn’t left by you.
And when somebody is in need of a helping hand—even if you’ve never seen them before or will ever again—do what you can to help.

By doing that you’re not just supporting them, you’re also supporting yourself.

Thank you for your support.